M.E.P. Europrojects Granada, S.L. (PIC 949490903) is a private training organisation mainly aimed at organising and implementing different European and international projects in Granada and with a long experience in participating within European projects, specially Erasmus+ KA1 projects, European Social Fund projects (Human Capital – National Cohesion Strategy Operational Programme), Structural and Regional projects and many other EU funded project types as well as International projects. We also organise projects for people with special needs (physical, mental or psychological).

From its implementation until now we are fully involved and focused in Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Mobility projects especially KA102 and KA103. Before 2014, we were mainly working within Lifelong Learning Programme (mainly Mobility projects i.e. Leonardo da Vinci Mobility IVT, PLM and VETPRO or Erasmus placements).

M.E.P. collaborates with vocational schools of Granada and we also send Spanish trainees and teachers abroad, so that we fully understand the Mobility projects in 360º.


Erasmus+ KA102
VET Learner Mobility
Erasmus+ KA102
VET Staff Mobility
Erasmus+ KA103
Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility


Other Programmes






M.E.P. Europrojects Granada®, S.L. team counts on an extensive experience of more than 14 years working with European Mobility projects and organising training mobility projects for around 4.500 mobilities including about 3.770 students and 730 teachers coming from 21 different countries.


Number of students and teachers received from 2008 by country:

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Why M.E.P?


We are M.E.P. Europrojects Granada, S.L., and we would like to invite you to work with us in the framework of the New Erasmus+ KA1 projects in Granada, Spain. It would be a pleasure for us to act as your Receiving / Host organisation or Intermediary organisation in Granada, a beautiful city in the South of Spain. You may already have an approved project and collaboration with another organisation, but here are some reasons to keep us in mind.

First of all, we have a wide network of private and public organisations collaborating with us within several European programmes (Erasmus+ KA1, Lifelong Learning programme -Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus Placements- and European Social Fund programmes) for receiving our students in internships, which allows us to always provide the most appropriate training to every trainee. Also we can offer job-shadowing programmes and training programmes including study visits for teachers. 


Secondly, our team is young, diverse, professional and energetic. We promptly fulfil requirements to the highest expectations. Our experience and professionalism with previous groups has always been very positive and appreciated. Our services have been recommended by our customers to their colleagues, with whom we have consequently built partnerships, many of whom return annually. The well-being and safety of our groups is of the upmost importance to us. We are available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year in order to solve every problem that might arise.  


Thirdly, we are located in Granada where the abundance of heritage and culture is outstanding, thus the variety of excursions available is highly impressive. In Granada we also enjoy a fantastic weather, being one of the cities with more sunny days per year in Spain and having a very nice average temperature during the year (average annual temperatures are 23º C maximum and 8º C minimum). Granada claims its fame for the high quality of education too, thus our organisation attracts many teachers and experts coming for study visits programme. Granada is well located within Andalusia which allows the visit to other important cultural heritage cities and tourist sights.


M.E.P Team

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M.E.P. Europrojects Granada, S.L. counts on a team made up of different project coordinators with a long experience in European projects both in Incoming and Outgoing department, teachers in charge of pedagogical, linguistic and cultural preparation (Spanish language and culture course) and also preparation in other foreign languages and staff aimed at other services (i.e. transport, cultural activities, accounting, preparation and general cleaning of apartments, repairing service, etc.).

MEP is made up of a PROFESSIONAL TEAM and provides CONTINOUS HELP and MONITORING during the whole project life.




Ms Mari Carmen Espartero Mr Jesús Delgado Ms María Lara
Director Director Incoming Department: Project Coordinator
Nationality: Spanish Nationality: Spanish Nationality: Spanish
info@mepegranada.com info@mepegranada.com maria@mepegranada.com
She counts on more than twelve years of experience in dealing with European projects. Her profile is four-year University degree in Translation and Interpreting (English, French and Italian speciality) and postgraduate University degree in Pedagogy. He counts on more than nine years of experience in dealing with European projects as well as Higher Training in Administration and Business as well as Vocational Training in Sports and Leisure activities. Her profile is a five-year University degree and counts on experience in dealing with European projects (especially Erasmus+) and teaching Spanish language courses and other specialised courses.


Ms Nieves Mauri Ms Martyna Skupien Mr Remus-Petru Manolache
Incoming Department: Project Coordinator Incoming Department: Project Coordinator Incoming Department: Project Coordinator
Nationality: Spanish Nationality: Polish Nationality: Romanian
nieves_mep@yahoo.es martyna@mepegranada.com remus_mepe@yahoo.es
She has a long work experience. Her profile is five-year University degree in Business Administration and Management and Master in Human Resources. She counts on experience dealing with European projects (especially Erasmus+). She counts on a large experience in dealing with European projects (especially Erasmus+ projects). She counts on a double University Degree in Territory Management and Master in International Relations. BA International Relations and European Studies, then MA International Development Studies, in English, both at "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, Romania. And IT Technology, Network Engineering at Dania University from Denmark, in English.


Ms Sara García Mr David Alan King Ms María Trinidad Ureña
Outgoing Department: Project Coordinator Incoming Department: Project Coordinator Head Housekeeper
Nationality: Spanish Nationality: British Nationality: Spanish
sara@mepegranada.com david_mep@yahoo.com  
She counts on extensive experience in dealing with European projects (especially LLP, Erasmus+, ESF and international projects). Her profile is four-year University degree in Translation and Interpreting (English, French and Italian speciality) and Master in Pedagogy. He counts on an extended experience in dealing with European Projects (especially Erasmus+). He obtained a vocational degree in Administrative Management, and he has a wide experience working at international events and in intercultural frameworks.  


Some recent examples of European Mobility Projects carried out: 

We are very glad and honoured to communicate to all our Friends that one Estonian student from Rakvere Vocational School who made her internship in Granada with the help of M.E.P. Europrojects Granada as a cook assistant has atended Euroskills.

MORE INFO AT - Demi going to Euroskills on our school web-page: 


We are also glad to communicate that one teacher coming from the same group, Rakvere Vocational School, who developed a job-shadowing in a prestigious restaurant from Granada as a chef with the help of M.E.P. Europrojects Granada won a prize of participant of the mobilty during this academic year given by Estonian NA


Furthermore you can take a look at the Facebook Rakvere School website:






European expertise in the trade area”


12 students and 2 teachers

3 weeks

Graphic Design



Find out if your professional skills are good enough to start a career in European labour market”


15 students and 1 teacher

4 weeks






4 students

6 weeks

Hospitality and Catering Service Operations



Promouvoir la Mobilité professionnelle en Europe” “EUROPROMOVE”


7 students

5 weeks




New Opportunities in Multimedia and Art (NOMA)”


4 students and 4 teachers

3 weeks

Graphic Design and Film Making



Europäische Impulse für Qualitätssicherung in der beruflichen Ausbildung und Praxis”


8 students

3 weeks

Welding and Electricity






5 students and 2 teachers

4 weeks

Hairdressing and mechanics



Europäische Impulse für Qualitätssicherung in der beruflichen Ausbildung und Praxis“


12 teachers

1 week

Study Visits



Noprofit#euskills - No profit skills building inclusive Europe”


12 professionals

2 weeks

Study Visits and Seminars



School’s strategy – innovations as development opportunity’’


8 professionals

3 weeks

Study Visits and Seminars