Why Granada?

M.E.P. is located in Granada, in the region of Andalucia, in the South of Spain, where the abundance of heritage and culture is outstanding, thus the variety of excursions available is highly impressive. Granada is one of the most beautiful Andalusian cities.



Amazing history: In the heart of Al-Andalus, Granada had a strategic role in the history and three different cultures met here. Eight centuries of Arabic power in Andalusia (711-1492) left us in Granada as a legacy the incredible Alhambra - the best preserved Nasrid style palace in Europe - and the Albaicín – the ancient Arabic quarter - both UNESCO world heritage sites. In Granada you can get lost in the colourful souks and bazaars of the Alcaicería and at the same time wander in the narrow streets of Realejo, the ancient Jewish quarter.

In 1492 the Catholic Kings ended the Reconquista to the Moorish empire in Granada, the last city to be taken in Al-Andalus, and their presence is still visible in the Royal Chapel, the majestic Cathedral and the several Monasteries and Churches. 

In Granada we also enjoy a fantastic weather, being one of the cities with more sunny days per year in Spain and having a very nice average temperature during the year (average annual temperatures are 23º C maximum and 8º C minimum).



With more than 200.000 inhabitants, Granada is a liveable, human scale town. Every place of interest can be reached on foot or by local public transport.***Granada is a very lively city that is why it is called “la viva”. Students and tourists from around the world guarantee a multicultural environment, besides an efficient tertiary sector oriented to welcome participants with a smile and the traditional Andalusian warmth.



The province of Granada offers a wide range of stunning landscapes: Granada lays at the feet of Sierra Nevada, famous for its prestigious Ski station and trek itineraries such as Los Cahorros, Monachil. On the other side, it takes less than one hour to reach the Tropical Coast, where you can combine visits to the characteristic Andalusian white villages and shingle beaches of Salobreña or Almuñecar


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